Sunday, August 28, 2011

My experience with the truth

Jan 2 2011, the day I was officially engaged, from the very moment there was one person who was constantly worried - my mother. She tried her best to instill in me the same fear, every bit of it. She preached to me the need of being more mature, more responsible and more patient - day and night. I think it would be a wise idea to introduce a few characters, before I jump into the scene. My mom (Lead role), My sister (supporting - none of was sure as to who she is supporting), My brother, My dad (silent listener) and me.

Jan 3rd 2011 - 11:00 AM

Mom: Please wake up! It's 11 already.

Me: Please Ma, just 15 more mins.

Mom: It's a shame girl. Is this the time a girl your age should wake up? When are you going to get responsible? You are getting married in 2 weeks. Are you planning to wake up at 11, when you are at your in-law's? ...(never ends). she walks out

could have been 10 mins after this conversation...

My bro: Could you please wake up? Please! I am trying to watch a show here. Ma, goes on and on and on. She doesn't let me hear it. She might stop if you get up.

Me: Get out! Close the door behind your back.

My bro: Mom is right, you are a peace of work.

Me: Which part of the word GET OUT.... (I heard the door close)...did you not understand (I screamed out at him).

I tried to sleep again, but the drama was too much, it took away my desire to sleep.

I woke up and sat on the bed for a minute or two and walked into the living room. My dad was sitting there reading newspaper. He smiled. I greeted him "Good Morn". He looked at the clock and then looked at me. Not a word, but I got the message. 25 years together, I wonder why mom couldn't learn the technique from him.can't she see the benefits?

I walked into the kitchen. Mom didn't speak, and that was freaking me out!

Me: Mom!

No response

Me: I am hungry.

Mom: Have your breakfast quickly, you are cooking lunch today.

Me: What? I can't cook. (I have had nothing to contribute to our kitchen, the only time I remember this part of the house is when I am hungry)

Mom:In that case you get nothing to eat.

Me: This is so barbaric.

My sis: She is right. What are you gonna do when you reach his place. What you guys gonna eat? It's gonna be a shame if you say, you can't cook.

Me: Don't start.

My sis: What about me, do I get something to eat? she asked mom

Mom: You help her, and start learning now, don't have to wait till we fix your marriage.

Sis: No no no nooooooo.....

Mom: Why not? Why are you girls so hesitant about cooking?

Sis: Mom, don't worry about me, I have decided that I am not getting married.

Mom: Huh!

Me: Why are you so worried about us cooking? Cooking ain't rocket science. We'll learn. It will just happen. Besides, we have google, google is the new bible. I can browse all recipes.

Mom: Well, I like to see that happen today.... If you please. (sarcasm)

Sis: Mom, she shouldn't be worried about cooking now... (I told you! she supports everyone)

Me: Yeah, I should be worried about my makeup, my gown, my hair do, jewelry.......oh!
We went on and on and came to a point where we couldn't figure out who is talking to whom, and who is taking whose side. We became little too noisy I guess.

Bro: Who said nothing is impossible?

Sis: Hitler.

Bro: I wasn't expecting an answer! Anyways, ask him to try watching TV while there are 3 uncivilized women in the house.

Mom: You worried about watching TV? I am worried about her future.

she said pointing at me. what? what does she mean? cooking is my future?

Bro: What 'bout my future? I am trying to listen to cricket commendatory. That's my future. I want to be a cricket commentator.

Me: Since when? Is that a future? (to be honest I did not care a darn about what his ambitions are- at least at that point, My idea was to channelize her fear, worry and the rest onto him). Ma, did you hear that?

Mom: Are you serious? I want you to be an engineer. Is this the reason why you are scoring so low for your exams? Mom, turned to talk to my brother

I looked at my sister and smiled victoriously, I signalled her to scoot.

Sis: Mom, Can't you see this? Dhi is trying to divert your attention.

Did you just hear that? This is what happens when you have twins at home. They stand united, Always, AAAAlways. To add to that, my sis is the greatest flip flopper the world has ever seen.

My dad came in to the scene. He follows the Japanese 'Just in Time' principle. 

Dad: Girls, get back to your room.

Dhi, call your friends and let me know how many rooms need to be booked. He told me.

Go watch TV he told my brother.

Why do you want them to cook, we have enough left from the engagement function. She'll learn. She knows everything. She is just trying to enjoy the last few days at home. Let her. Let her worry about the gown, make up, hair and all....

I heard him from my room. Didn't hear any response from my mom. From my experience I can say, she is not all that happy.

Later at night I went through the refrigerator to see what raw materials I have at my disposal, came back and googled for recipes. I woke up early (relatively) the next day, Mom wasn't home, she had gone to the church. I started cooking. I had the recipe from google, all ingredients from the refrigerator and moral support from my sister. I managed to do it before mom was back. As soon as she reached I dragged her into the kitchen and made her taste my dish. I saw tears rolling up in her eyes.

Me: Oh! don't be a bollywood Ma. I know you are happy, now, don't cry.

Mom: Can't help it.

Me: Ma.

Mom: Those are not tears of happiness. Your dish is to spicy that it made my eyes watery.



  1. hehehe...

    I felt someone was hearing conversations at my home and wrote it all here..Just the diference is my engagement has not been fixed yet..I have 2 siblings who are always united...and Mom who worries hell lot..Dad who is just a silent listener...but when he speaks we are all in danger zone...

    I loved dis...and i love you...cause you make me feel i am not alone..nahhh..i am not..

  2. i felt like so close to what u have written...dont knw too much hesitant to occupy the kitchen most of the times..n i have had enough of mommys scoldings really loving ur writings eventhough its my first time here..:) cheers

  3. LOL this makes me glad I know how to cook or else my mom she wd have been much worse worried than your mom :)
    Love the now regular u :)

  4. I'm visiting your blog after quite some time and you have no idea how glad I am to see the older posts deleted and this happy new you. I like this. Very much. I hope you keep writing cheerful posts like this.

  5. he he he. that was nice. laughed like anything. really awsome. keep writing....

  6. Hahaha This makes me laugh :D keep writing :D

  7. hahahha..omg..wat a funny post..well,i sucks at cooking but im not getting married any sooner..this kind of drama happen at my home almost waking up late and so on...all da best for the big day..God bless..stay happy:):)