Friday, August 19, 2011

My Conversation With A Seven Year Old

Part 1

It was a perfect tuesday, my husband had left for work and there I was peacefully reading the days newspaper. I got a call on my phone (quite unusual for this time of the day). To my surprise it was my long time friend. We kinda share a symbiotic relationship.
Me: hello
My Friend: Kya haal hai?
Me: Huh?
My Friend: Forget it! I need a small favour.
Me: Sure U do!
My Friend: Mom is at the hospital, Davis (her husband) is not around. I need to get to the hospital. I don't want to take Niha (her daughter) with me. U know she can really be a pain in the A** at times. Can you baby-sit her?
Me: What? Is she around you? U can't use words like that in front of a six year old.
My Friend: Seven
Me: Huh?
My Friend: She is seven, not six. She turned six last week. Niha was upset that u did not wish her.
Me: Oh! I totally forgot.
(Isn't my friend smart, not only did she divert my question and to be followed advisory notes on how to bring up a child, she managed to make me feel guilty about not wishing her kid. I do have to baby-sit Niha now)

To be continued...

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